Ideal garden tools for users of all ages.

Super quiet, compact, light, easy to handle and ecological. Equipped with Samsung 40V battery, 2.5 Amp with LED charge indicator. Recharge in 75 minutes only.

RATO pays a lot of attention to the respect of the environment. Now, with the new 40V lithium battery tools, it is possible to offer a range of zero-emission green care tools with a drastic reduction of noise levels. Ideal for all those who are tired to take care of the gasoline engine.

Brush Cutter


Motor: Brushless
Line cutting diameter: 330 mm
Disc cutting diameter: 250 mm
Line diameter: 1,6 mm
Weight: 3,6 Kg
Battery: 40V-2,5AH

Hedge trimmer


Motor: Brush motor
Cutting lenght: 530 mm
Cutting diameter: 18 mm
Reciprocate speed: 2500 rpm
Weight: 2,6 Kg
Battery: 40V-2,5AH



Motor: Brushless
Air volume: 265 m3/h
Air speed: 192 km/h
Weight: 2,2 Kg
Battery: 40V-2,5AH

Chain saw


Motor: Brushless
Bar: OREGON 12”
Chain: OREGON 3/8”
Weight: 3,2 Kg
Working Autonomy: 38 min.
Battery: 40V-2,5AH

Lawn mower


Motor: Brushless
Cutting width: 400 mm
Cutting height: 25 – 100 mm
Cutting type: collection + mulching
Weight: 13 Kg
Battery: 40V-2,5AH



Battery: Samsung 40V-2,5AH – 90 Wh
Power led gauge: Yes
Weight: 0,74 Kg

40V battery – 2.5 Ah – 90 Wh – Samsung cells. Super light and compact, usable on all RATO tools of the Green Economy line. Easily removable, it guarantees good durability for all machines.

STD battery charged


Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz
Recharging time: 75 min.

Battery charger 230V – 50Hz. Battery recharge in 75 minutes only.